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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Electronic Medication-New Technology for Medical Treatment

Learning and become part of the technology of Electronic Medication is such a valuable knowledge and unforgettable experiences. We hope that we can contribute to the world towards improvement of the quality of health totally. Hopefully this project becomes turning point for the society at least at the physiological level to be part of Electronic Medication practitioners.

Scientist studying the motion of galaxy clusters in outer space has made a revolutionary discovery. They undeniable evidence that an ancient energy from subtle energy exists in dark matter or the subatomic world. Some scientists believe that this particular energy effects our health and use of it in the healing professions hold enormous benefit for improving our quality of life. This energy form, we now generated through a new technology, hf technology or electronic medication.

The philosophy of Electronic Medication emphasized that all existence is in the form of energy. Seen in this content the physical human is a precipitation of higher energies into form and as such the quality of each structure, physical or subtle, will reflect the quality of the energy which has reached it, or to put it another way, each structure will condition the energy flowing through it. Energy must flow freely through all of these systems into the physical body to make for the healthy human and any disturbances of the subtle body that is the negative energy which tend to interrupt the flow at some point and will be reflected in mental, emotional or physical symptoms of the human being.

Electronic medication treats the immune system by stimulating the CNS to trigger the natural defense system back into balance. Electronic medicines are safe, effective, non toxin, scientifically based alternative methods of curing all disease.

Basic electronic medication is based on physic. Some of the important topics are;

1. Wave Particles Duality (Mass and energy)
2. Electrostatic
4. Oscillating Electric
5. Magnetic- electro magnetic
6. Interference
7. Refraction of waves
8. Diffraction of wave
9. Infra – Red
10. Black Body Quantum Theory
11. Coherence

The above topics are the basic of perform the electronic medication which based on physics and plus with belief of ‘0’ as centre of value of mathematics and ‘0’ cannot be said no value but the value is same as ‘0’.

So ‘0’ is the energy which is in absolute state. In numeric only one is absolute. That is zero. As numeric only one has zero. In specified condition ‘0’ is placed to ‘10’ as a form of energy, the nature of energy is absolute energy.

Electronic Medication technology is overcome the modern medication or other medication which using mass to carry energy E =MC² and as carried energy we also believe that energy is also E=mc²=hf. How it exist the value to disease, remedy and so on and practice in Electronic Medication is the application of related to The Law of Quantum Radiation

Understand of conventional, physic classic said that black body not radiate or transmit energy either reflect energy, but Max Planck in his reaches has found that black body is a good radiation either receive nor transmit. This can be explained by looking at crescent. He surprised that the area which is dark has a boundary instead around the moon dark. He found that the boundary is a radiation from the sun; the bright area is the reflection of sun rays. From the result electronic medication copy the principle by using Operational Amplifier (OPAM). The object is put at one area which received the radiation end the radiation object is at output (non-inverting). Output which receive radiation is positive (+) and output which receive negative (-) radiation is called inverting. By releasing some Electric energy, the transmit radiation can be refracted by the object and this refracted energy is read as digit which is presented by that object.


We see and hear by means of light and sound wave travel to aerials through the air from television transmitter. Although we cannot see light, sound and radio waves, the travel across enormous distance of empty space.


Consider a group of swings in playground swing set. We know that each swings itself behaves like simple pendulum, that is like an oscillator. Now, let’s connect the swing to one another. To be specified, suppose we tie a rope from the seat of the swing to its neighbor and then another rope from the second swing to the third may propagate around the swing, and so on. When the swing is at rest, in equilibrium, the connecting rope has no effect. If you now seat on the first seat and begin oscillating as well. You have created a traveling disturbance.

In general, a disturbance that propagates from one to another is referred to as a wave. Waves propagate with well in define speeds determines by the properties of the material through which they travel. In addition, waves carry energy. For example, part of the energy you put into sounds waves when you speak is carried to the ears of others, where some of the sound energy is converted into electrical energy carried by nerve impulse to the brain, in turn, created the sensation of hearing.

It is important to distinguish between the motions of wave itself and the motion of the individual’s particles that make up the wave. Common example included the waves that propagate through a field of wheat. The individuals stalks sway back and forth as wave passes, but they do not change their location. Similarly, a ‘wave’ at a ball game may propagate around the stadium more quickly than a person can run, but the individual people making up the waves simply stand and sit in one place. From these example it clear that waves can come in a variety of types.


Consider the wave pulses on the string. When they combine, the resulting pulse has amplitude equal to the sum of the amplitude of the individual pulses. This is referred to as constructive interference.

It is important to note that the wave do not simply disappear when they experience destructive interference. The wave pulses continue on unchanged after they interact. This make sense from an energy point of view, after all, each wave carries energy, hence the wave, along with their energy, cannot simply vanish. Therefore the energy of the wave is still present at this instant of time; it is just in the form of the kinetic energy.

It should also be noted that all waves exhibit an interference effect and not limited to waves on string. In fact, you should say that interference in one of the key characteristics that define wave. In general, when waves combine they form interference patterns that include region of both constructive and destructive interference. Note that regions of constructive interference separated by regions of destructive interference.


The combination of two or more waves to form a resultant wave is referred to as superposition. When waves are of small amplitude, they superposed in the simplest of ways they just add. For example, consider two waves on the string, describe by wave function y1 and y2, if these two waves are present on the string at the same time, the result is wave given by;


To see how superposition works as a function of time, consider a string with two wave pulses on it. One travels in each direction. When the pulses arrive in the same time region, they add, as stated. The question is what do the pulse look like after they have passed through one another? Does their interaction change them in anyway? The answer is that waves.


Electromagnetic waves are transverse wave. They have some electric properties and some magnetic properties. This wave consists a charging electric and magnetic field. An electric field is a region in which charged particle can pushed or pulled. Wherever there is an electric charge, there is an electric field associated with it. A magnetic field is a region in which magnetic forces are present. Both fields vibrate at the right angle to each other toward the wave direction. When the electric fields change, so does electric field to change. An Electromagnetic wave is the result of this two fields constantly each other to change. Electromagnetic waves travel as vibrations in electric and magnetic fields and do not need a medium.

Even electromagnetic radiations have some properties do not fit the wave model, but general the electromagnetic wave has properties as ordinary wave such reflection, diffraction, interference and able to transferred energy. The energy transferred by electromagnetic wave called electromagnetic radiations. The energy transferred by electromagnetic wave will increase to its amplitude and frequency.

Visible light is part of a large spectrum of energy that includes other familiar electromagnetic energy regions: microwaves, radio waves, Ultraviolet and X-rays all are form a continuous spectrum of light that we cannot see. The colours of rainbow form a continuous spectrum of light in the visible wavelength region as does the “light” in the other regions. Infrared light occurs at wavelengths just below red light, hence the name, infra- (below) red. Near- infrared is the “colour” of the heating coil on an electric stove just before it glows red. The thermal (of mid) infrared colours are found at even longer wavelengths.


A black body is a material that is a perfect emitter of heat energy in that it emits all energy it absorbs and has an emissivity value of 1 at all temperatures and wavelengths. Anything that emits energy with Planck distribution can be called a blackbody. Effective emissivity of a cavity type blackbody will normally be much higher than the surface emissivity due to the multiple energy bounces inside the body cavity. In contrast a material with an emissivity value of 0 would result in readings of reflected energy only and not the actual material. For example, if an object had the potential to emit 100 units of energy but only emits 90 units in the real world. That object would have an emissivity value of 0.90. In the real world there are not perfect “blackbody” and very perfect infrared mirrors. So, most objects have an emissivity between 0 and 1.

A blackbody is an entity that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation falling upon it. As it is a perfect absorber, it neither reflects nor transmits. As with most of theoretical physics, this ideal entity does not exits. It can be closely approximated by a practical blackbody radiator. A good example is a hollow metal cylinder in the central isothermal region of the furnace. The cylinder (or radiator) will have a hole through which thermal radiation can escape. We can get nearer ideal blackbody conditions by oxidizing or blackening the interior walls of the radiator. We then have a practical standard source of thermal radiation, as described by the Planck equation, which can be used in measuring emissivity.


When an object is at thermal equilibrium, the amount of absorption will equal the amount of emission.


Stefan – Boltzmann Law state,in an object were emit electromagnetic radiation for a perfect blackbody is The hotter an object becomes the more infrared energy it emits.

The law states that the emitted radiance is proportional to the temperature of the object. If an object is not a perfect blackbody, the law does not apply. Instead, a correction factors need to be added.


The wavelength at which the maximum amount of the energy is emitted becomes shorter as the temperature increases.


Planck’s equation describes the relationship between spectral emissivity, temperature and radiant energy.

Everything in nature emits electromagnetic radiation that is a function of its temperature, and not (in theory) a function of what it is made out of. That radiation is what we call thermal radiation. In the case of perfect black body, which absorbs 100% of all radiation that hits it, the thermal radiation emitted of the temperature only. Furthermore, no object will emit purely thermal radiation with more intensity than a true blackbody, so its emission is a maximum. In the case of real world stuff, what it is made out of does make a difference, and nature expresses that difference by sort of efficiency; some things will emit more thermal radiation, even though they are the same temperatures as something else. High emissivity material emits more thermal radiation, and low emissivity material emits less thermal radiation, at any given temperature. The electronic medicine and the sick man act as a black body. They have electromagnetic wave in infrared spectrum range, so this wave can used as a code and manipulate to produce medicine or to cure disease in a sick man.


Research on Electronic Medication is based on homeopathy science and physics with light on the nature of existence. Combination of all this sciences has produced a total concept of treatment with consideration on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional factor. This treatment method of using wave energy and not mass as the medium of energy is not only effective but also does not produce any negative side effect.


Every living thing has its own function so as bacteria, virus, fungal, parasite etc. which were believed the cause of many diseases and as well as the reducing agent to stabilize the eco-system. The reducing agent is not harmful and will not cause damaging effect to our body system and any other living things that are in the stable state. It will only act upon system and other living things that are in unstable state. Bacteria, virus, fungal etc that causes, shows that imbalance state or malfunction of an organ of the body system exist.

All living things has its own immunization system that are capable to protect it from any attack or contagious by reducing agent, nevertheless pollution, imbalances of food intake, chemical content in food consumption, genetic factor , hormone imbalances and some other factors has made the organ function to weaken. The failure of the organ to function properly causes imbalances and further makes it susceptible to the reducing agent that will act according to causing diseases. Hence, total treatment approach is necessary noting the treatment to the contagious effect to the reducing agent and to stimulate the organ function appropriately.


Biological & Chemical research shows that all living things have its own energy that makes the essence of its existence. All living things need energy for its growth and replenishment. The use of mass as a form of energy supplies is a part of the metabolism process. The mass will go through digestion process and release the energy needed to cells e.g. food (rice) consumption will go through metabolic process where carbohydrate is converted into amino acid and further change into energy to be fed to the cell. This process reiterates that mass is a medium in the process to release energy that is needed by the body system.

Research also proves that the existences of mankind are from two elements i.e mass as the physical being and energy as the source of living. Decaying process off living things shows that with the separation of energy wave from the mass will cause the living things cease to exist. This research shows the co-relation between both this elements. According Albert Einstein, energy is defined as e= mc² means that if a mass (m) can be converted into energy (e) would equal the mass times the square of the speed of lights at 3x108 m/sec. We accept the theory partly as we found out that as e= mc² is only applicable if the particle has mass but what happen to the microscopic such
As photon that has no mass. So, for practical that exists in its e = hf. However, both of these are not accurate at certain point because energy also can be produced by ‘microscopic particle’.

e = mc² - Albert Einstein
e = hf - Max Planck’s Constant

However, Prof. Dr. Sir. Amir Hamzah b. Abdul Hamid found and upgraded these formulas, recognized and proven that we can manipulate these to a new formula:

e = mc² = hf - Prof. Dr. Sir Amir Hamzah b Abdul Hamid.

Mathematically it is proven that every particle has its wave duality, every physical body has its vital force and every matter has its physical and ‘soul’ duality. By using this formula and ‘The law of Resonance & Dissonance’ in physical, this means each disease has its natural wave and we can code and create not only natural wave but also artificial disease wave which is used to combat the natural disease wave (likes are cured by the likes). In order to cure, the remedy or the artificial disease wave must be stronger than the natural disease wave with the phase difference – 180º and slightly longer in term of a minimum ½ (wavelength). Just like the radio wave, when both are transmitted at the same frequency (phase difference- 180º)

Even though from a different location by using different transmitter, interference will occur and then they tend to cancel each other.

λ = wavelength symbol / amplitude = wavelength.


Using the EM technology, energy waves from a mass can be recorded. The technology enables the energy to be release without using mass. The released energy could also be potentised without mass. Most resonance plays an important role in a variety of physical system, from a pendulum to atoms in the laser to a tuner in a radio or television.

For example, adjusting the tuning knob changes the resonance frequency of the electric circuit in the tuner. When the resonance frequency matches the frequency being broadcast by a station, that station will be picked up. To change the station, simply change the resonance frequency of the tuner to the frequency of another station.


There are 3 method s to find out the individual code;


Oscillation method is the most classical technique. The technique interfere the ray of the sample so that reaction will appear. If the disturbance is positive in nature, then positive meet positive will push aside, negative meet negative will also push aside, this will result the pendulum to move. If we radiate to the disease we can diagnose the disease and get the code. In this method it is important to have specimen.


Only certain individual can become a reader. A reader is the universal disturber. He can make himself vibrating. In this case he is a pendulum. A reader can diagnose anything that is out of our expectation. Mental rate does not need to have specimen in front of his eyes.


Arabic numeral has been use by our Prophet long time ago. For example the verse ‘ALHAMDULILLAH’ represents 786 in term of code. For example Alif = 1. Baa =2, Jim =3 and Dal=4.

This is the method has undergoing improvement and development. After finding the individual code, what are we going to do? What is the benefit?

For examples:- Tuberculosis (TB) = 505

Gonorrhea code = 502 and So on.

Again, absolute zero consider as healthy. Anything that is away from zero is not healthy and to return back to healthy condition (0), the numerical 10 is use (zero stay besides 10). Gonorrhea code 502 has to deduct from 10 that gives final result as 5108. The new result 5108 is the anti-code of 502 and use to treat the patient.


a) No religion boundary and limitation.
Electronic medication does not use any specific media. Media such as water, normal saline, glucose, milk even fruits can be use a long that the media is not an active ingredient.

b) Electronic Medication is non-toxic and no side
effect. Electronic Medication does not use chemical, drugs or toxic. Any types of mass effect does not exit because the technology only use waves energy that transmitted inside non-active media purposely to hold the waves to treat the diseases.

c) Electronic Medication treats the patient as a whole.
Electronic Medication treats not only the symptom. But also the disease and up to the genetic/embryonic state. The treatments are possible because the technology using 3 different categories of energies at the range of alpha, beta and gamma rays.

d) Electronic Medication does not have specific media.

An electronic medication does not use specific media. Water, normal saline, glucose, milk of even fruits can be use as a media ( This media is not an active ingredient). The reason being no mass is present. The media is purely used to hold the waves to treat diseases.

e) Multiple remedies with different potencies in one media.
Electronic Medication capable of accumulate different potencies only in one media.

e) Acts through ‘Potential Difference’.
Electronic Medication technology acts via potential difference, Simply, the high potential will neutralize the lower potential to the state of equilibrium.

Sodakollah hul azimm….(baihatti)

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